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    Treasure Map
    Now, exploration need not just be finding a new area, trail, or waterfall. You might also explore:
    • Your fears when riding your bike for the very first time.
    • The feeling you get while winding down a snaking singletrack with the tips of the grass rushing at you, blurring into your peripheral vision as they tickle your knees, and then disappearing ... gone.
    • How you control the adrenaline pulse just prior to jumping your bike off a boulder.
    • The way your body (and mind) handle the pain of grinding up a long 11% grade.
    • How bikers treat you on a ride ... meeting new people.
    • Places to hang out after the ride.

    That's what makes us humans different ... our strong urge to explore, to learn more about our planet and ourselves.

    No website provides more quality, in depth information about all these different types of mountain bike explorations.

    Personal Trail Reviews

    Share A Mountain Bike Story

    To help you with your explorations MBD provides you with an immense quantity of trail information ... information provided at one of 3 different levels:

    • Garmin or Strava Review (Garmin or Strava Reviews ... provides all the stats for rides, such as length of the ride, elevation gained, detailed map, time of ride, temperature of ride, and many more).
    • Short Blog Review (includes Garmin or Strava Review plus photos, video, and a short written Review/Story of the ride).
    • Full Page Review (includes Garmin or Strava Review plus photos, video, custom maps, slideshows, and a Detailed Description of the ride).

    Note* Detailed Description ... trail reviews are not a turn by turn guide, but an account of all the interesting features and events that actually occured on the ride.

    Note** All Trail Reviews pertain only to rides we have actually done.

    "Where's your next trip? "

    Detailed Trailhead and Ride Maps

    Mountain Bike Diaries provides two different types of maps.

    Trailhead Map... shows icons for each trailhead in a given region (like the one below). Clicking on an icon gives the reader directions to the trailhead, or to link directly to the Review/Story Page for that ride.

    Ride Map ... clicking icons on a Ride Map gives the reader additional information about each event, including a link directly to the Review/Story Page for that ride.

    Mountain Bike Trail 						Map
    Trailhead Map ... The map below shows all the trailheads visited by Mountain Bike Diaries. By clicking on an icon you will get the ride name and option to possibly link for more ride details.


    Camera Icon
    Mountain Bike Diaries exhibits well over 1,000 photos (like the one below) of the trails , the riders, and the physical features found on each ride.
    Porcupine Rim Jeep Road

    To view all photos up until 9/2014 on Mountain Bike Diaries please go to our Flickr page at MBD Flikr Photos. To view the most recent photos (as of 10/2014) please click MBD SmugMug Photos.

    Videos From The Trail

    Mountain Bike Video Icon
    Mountain Bike Diaries provides video footage to help you plan your next trip? How could we give you a better Trail Review than by showing you a movie?

    These videos can be viewed either at our video page on this site, named Mountain Biking Videos or on our YouTube channel called MountainBikeDiaries.

    Helpful Advice

    Mountain Bike Diary Help Icon
    From our Beginners page we share many ideas about buying a good bike, getting a helmet, which shoes to wear, and many other hints that go along with getting started in this great sport.

    Our Tips and Techniques page offers advice on what "To Do" ... and what "Not To Do" to make each ride a success. And our Best Rides rankings give you ideas on which trails are really worth exploring.

    TheWrench Raves Need help with your bike? Mountain Bike Diaries has it's own experienced, master mechanic on hand. Just visit TheWrench and let him have at it!
    Share A Mountain Bike Story
    Do you have your own Mountain Bike Review/Story to share?

    Feel free to tell us about something interesting that happened on one of your rides. Long Review/Story? Short Review/Story? It doesn't matter ... please share your experience with us here.

    We thoroughly love mountain biking here at MBD ... and we hope you will enjoy our website.

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    Mountain Bike Diaries is in a state of change. In an effort to trim down my focus, to create a more modernized look, and to produce information in a more timely manner I have started a New Blog Site.

    While I will be concentrating my efforts on the New Blog Site, my son-in-law (Jeremiah) will be transferring the most popular posts from this site to the new one.

    I hope you will come visit me there.


    Joe Unden

    P.S. I will leave this website on the internet until the end of 2016 as a source of information for my fellow riders.

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