Todd Hayman ... Shop Owner, Mechanic, Website Owner

He Has Seen a Lot of Changes

MBD: When did you first start riding mountain bikes?

Todd Hayman: My first mountain bike was a Diamondback Accent EX in 1983. Before that, I was a "Clunker" (a person or group that rode modified versions of their beach cruisers on the trail).

MBD: How many years have you been fixing mountain bikes?

Todd Hayman: I've been working on bikes in general since the centennial year, 1976.

Todd Gets Air ... Noble Canyon 2009 Todd Gets Air ... Noble Canyon 2009

MBD: What are the biggest changes in mountain bikes since you started repairing them?

Todd Hayman: Suspension, braking, and frame materiel. The bikes we ride today only mimic the look of old models ... NOTHING else is the same.

MBD: What words of advice would you give us recreational riders to help us maintain our bikes?

Todd Hayman: Don't power wash your bike unless you absolutely have to. Change your derailleur cables and housing once a year for seasonal riders and twice a year for active riders. Due to the high cost of suspension forks or rear shocks, it's much better far less expensive to service what you have annually.

MBD: How many years have you owned Zumwalt's Bike Center? What made you decide to buy it?

Todd Rides Dunes in Glamis Todd Rides Dunes in Glamis

Todd Hayman: It's been a family business since to beginning in 1931. I took over ownership in 1994. I guess I was predestined to own the store as I was not gifted the gene be a neurosurgeon.

MBD: What are the most difficult aspects involved in running a bike shop?

Todd: Trying to please all your customers. It's RETAIL. Competing in a global economy, Chinese rip-offs, and customers justifying them as quality.

Todd ... Dedicated Mountain Biker Zumwalt's

MBD: How long have you been sponsoring racers?

Todd: Zumwalt's has been sponsoring riders since the opening of the store. We have had Olympians and National Track Champions that have been on our team.

MBD: How do you find prospective riders to sponsor?

Zumwalt Rider Zumwalt Rider

Todd: I get approached by riders and I also recruit them. The riders I sponsor today must have a good personality, skill and a true love of riding. My riders would be voted "Most Likely to Stop and Help."

MBD: What other services do you provide as a bike shop owner?

Zumwalt's Truck Todd Drives Riders to Coaching Clinics and Training Rides

Todd: Besides the norms of service, sales, custom bike fit, fitness training, web sales, product support, warranty and recall support? We offer team support and free mechanical services at all races and events we're at. We have coaching services, training rides, and local fun rides on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. A few times a year, we get away from the local scene and offer a Sunday or weekend getaway ride.

MBD: How long have you been running your website?

Todd ... Dedicated Mountain Biker Todd ... Dedicated Mountain Biker

Todd: I made my first site using Front Page in 1998 ... content was limited, but I was out on the web.

MBD: What is the best selling item(s) in your shop?

Todd: Parts and accessories. Mountain bikes sell better than road ... 29'ers are the hot sellers.

MBD: What is the best selling item(s) on line?

Todd Hayman: We are just getting the on line sales going. We have only sold a few small parts.

Once again ... Todd can be reached at: Zumwalt's Bike Center or by calling (619) 582-8440.

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